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Client Testimonial - Globalistics B.V., Zevenbergen
Globalistics B.V.
Zevenbergen, Netherlands
Client Testimonial - Butransa, Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
Client Testimonials - Dimotrans, Lyon
Lyon, France
Client Testimonials - Maison Jamein, Le Havre
Maison Jamein
Le Havre, France
Client Testimonials - Dimotrans, Marseille
Marseille, France
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  • This tool is a great asset and we would like to be one of the rare compagnies that use it.
    Jos de Jonge – Globalistics (Zevenbergen, Netherlands)
  • I believe OKARGO has helped the colleagues work with a common tool.
    Claas Stein – Oceanroads GmbH, Hamburg
  • I systematically stick to the market and it's clear that I win deals.
    Denis Herteleer – Maison Jamein (Le Havre, France)
  • It really is a gain of productivity, it makes me win deals.
    Denis Herteleer – Maison Jamein (Le Havre, France)
  • As far as I am concerned, the number one advantage is the time savings.
    Denis Herteleer – Maison Jamein (Le Havre, France)
  • It has become an essential tool for us.
    Grégory Girard – Dimotrans (Lyon, France)










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