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The history of Okargo

OKARGO nace en un contexto en el que el mercado del flete marítimo cada vez es más complejo.
Con la globalización, la multiplicación de listas de tarifas de las compañías marítimas, así como la diversidad de formatos en los que se envían no ha simplificado precisamente el trabajo de comparación de las ofertas de los transitarios.

Por eso, desde abril de 2013, el equipo OKARGO empezó a formarse con Julien CHAPUS, fundador y director general de la empresa, con el objetivo de desarrollar una herramienta para facilitar la gestión de los precios de flete para los transitarios.

Apenas un año después lo conseguimos, y en abril de 2014 Okargo empezó a servir a sus primeros clientes en Francia. Después de 2 años dedicados a perfeccionar su servicio en el Hexágono, Okargo empezó crecer más allá de sus fronteras y se desarrolló en cuatro idiomas para llegar a más países de Europa.
Okargo, en constante crecimiento, simplifica el trabajo cotidiano de más de 30 agencias de flete marítimo en 5 territorios: Francia, Alemania, España, Países Bajos y Bélgica.

Company information

<strong>Name:</strong> OKARGO
<strong>Date established:</strong> April 2014
<strong>Location:</strong> Marseille
<strong>CEO:</strong> Julien CHAPUS
<strong>President:</strong> Georges CHAPUS
<strong>Field:</strong> External ocean rate management

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Press release

<p style=»text-align: justify;»><strong>STORY OF THE COMPANY:</strong>
Okargo’s story started back in 2014 when Julien CHAPUS, building on his work experience gained with leading carrier MSC as well as several independent freight forwarders, came up with the idea of digitizing the rate procurement processes.
He set up a company based in Marseille with a branch office in Bratislava, Slovakia focused on providing external ocean rate management.
Freight forwarders, which have long struggled to organize their ocean rates, could finally benefit from a service allowing them to effortlessly get a clear and comprehensive overview of their buying rates.
Currently serving customers of all sizes from small freight forwarder with a few employees to key market players from all over Europe, Okargo has become a MUST HAVE solution for companies who want to keep abreast of the latest technology trends.</p>
<p style=»text-align: justify;»><strong>THE PRODUCT</strong>
Okargo is a cloud-based online tool which displays ocean rates in an easily comparable format. The tool is provided together with a data processing service that completely relieves the client’s burden of rate management.
Freight forwarders simply forward their rate sheets to Okargo, regardless of carrier or file format (Excel, PDF, Word, etc). These are then uploaded to the system using in-house developed solutions and semi-automated processes supervised by dedicated account managers based in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Not only does the system display rates, but it also features a variety of functions that further help users expedite the quotation process. Multiport queries, quick search for alternative POLs/PODs and automated location of the nearest port are just a few examples of what Okargo provides freight forwarders.</p>
<p style=»text-align: justify;»><strong>WHAT’S NEW?</strong>
Always striving to give its clients a competitive advantage, Okargo continues to develop system features based on feedback from clients. Recent improvements include the Inland Module allowing quick selection of pre- and post-transport options and the Quotation Module for issuing complete quotations with both ocean and inland transport rates in a few minutes. This spring we will also be presenting an API interface to easily transfer data from the Okargo tool to the client transport management system (TMS).
Okargo will be exhibiting at SITL from March 26th to 28th , 2019 in Paris, Hall 1 Stand L34 and in Munich from June 4th to 7th, 2019 with Marseille Fos Port.
Freight forwarders will have a unique opportunity to meet with the Okargo team in person, check out the tool and evaluate their needs.</p>