Okargo puts its trust in specialists

Okargo puts its trust in specialists

Since its launch, OKARGO has focused on maritime freight rates management. Convinced that a specialized tool will always be better than a multi-function tool, we know how to recognize a company offering a more tailored solution than ours in a specific domain.

That’s why when integrating schedules into our tool, we decided to take advantage of Big Schedules by CargoSmart.

Indeed, this leader in technological logistics solutions offers a tool of unparalleled performance that provides the latest routing information of the major carriers.

The days of estimated or outdated info is over thanks to the link between those two tools. OKARGO now displays Big Schedules data in real time in your results table.

In addition to the convenient all-in-one results that this technological partnership offers, OKARGO now provides all the services, vessel names and ETD for each of your searches.


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