About the new version of Okargo

About the new version of Okargo

Dear reader,

6 years ago, Okargo was born. At first, it was a simple and secure tool which enabled users to find their freight rates in a comprehensive display allowing quick and easy comparison.

The years passed and thanks to the continuous exchanges with our clients, we built this tool to always make you more efficient in the maritime freight market.

Today, Okargo is no longer just a simple tool.

By integrating several internal communication tools, data transfer, real time schedule updates, online quotes and a demurrage/detention free time display, Okargo has become a real competitive advantage for its customers.

Therefore, it seemed important for us to work on giving it an appearance worthy of the quality of its services.

The entire Okargo team has been working for the last few months on the design of the app, as well as the coherence of tool behavior in order to offer even more intuitive navigation inside a more pleasant environment.

So it is with great pride that I announce to you today the official release of the new version of Okargo.

The whole team is joining me to wish you an outstanding user experience.


Julien Chapus



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