What if we made your life even easier?

What if we made your life even easier?

The new tendency of carriers is to offer online quotation portals. No more rate sheet updates by e-mail but a dedicated space on the carriers’ websites in which you have direct access to your rates. This is a great initiative from them during this age of digitalization. But while this new approach may seem more practical and safer since it instantly provides up-to-date rates, what does it really mean for freight forwarders? Far from making it easy for you, this innovation forces you to log on to several websites to get prices that you’ll still have to compare with the offers of different carriers.
No need to panic! Okargo has been preparing to help you with this for a few months now. With our new “Online Quotes” feature, you won’t even have to forward your rate sheets to our team anymore. All you’ll need to do is to set up your carrier logins in our system and all the rates that can be found online will be available, as well as the others in your Okargo tool.
We’ll tell you more soon…


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