Out of sight… close to mind

Out of sight… close to mind

Since its creation, the Okargo company has organized its team remotely. Promoting home office and the mobility of each employee, CEO Julien Chapus has managed to create a dynamic networked team located in Europe and Asia, able to serve its clients throughout Europe and now Asia and Latin America, and offering excellent response and proximity to its clients.
Although this approach granted us some “immunity” to COVID-19 at an organizational level, we have been forced to give up on our traditional Summer Camp this year.
Every year, the entire Okargo team meets for a week during the summer at what we call the Summer Camp. It’s an opportunity for everybody to bond and to start projects together for the year to come.
Since it did not take place this year, we’ve decided to share with you last year’s adventures instead.
It was in August 2019, in Alsace, France…


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