OKARGO in the Covid-19 crisis

OKARGO in the Covid-19 crisis

There is basically no market segment which has not been affected by Covid-19 and the measures introduced by authorities in most countries of the world are often drastic. Numerous companies have been facing the task of re-organizing entire work processes within a few days while keeping negative impacts of such swift and unexpected changes at a minimum, especially with regard to client availability and service quality. Many companies are struggling to do so. Just like other companies, OKARGO has had to comply with restrictive measures introduced by governments in all the countries where we operate. Unlike others, however, these changes have had minimum impact on OKARGO’s performance. Already before the crisis, the company’s processes were set up to support remote work with a large part of the team working from home. Switching from part to full home office has had virtually zero effect on company performance. From its very beginning, the OKARGO team was built on communication allowing seamless cooperation between teams located in different countries, creating a “virtual” office just like a real one. Due to such tried and tested arrangements, service provided to OKARGO clients has not been affected in any way by the recent circumstances.


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