COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 crisis

Dear Readers,

COVID-19 has spread all over the earth, generating a world-wide health, economic and logistics crisis. We want above all to share our solidarity with you, and wish those who are forced to stay in quarantine all the best in making it through this period and carrying on their activities under the best possible conditions.

Here at OKARGO, most of our teams are currently under quarantine or have strong restrictions on their movements, thus we are mostly at home.

What changes for you, OKARGO users, during this crisis?

Nothing changes for you, OKARGO users, the OKARGO service remains 100% operational.

OKARGO is a 100% web application, you can access it from any computer connected to internet, which means from your home, with your computer. If your employer previously requested IP locking to secure your access from the office, they just have to ask us to temporarily remove this lock (or tell us your IP address at home, if this has been agreed upon with your employer).

The OKARGO application is hosted on MICROSOFT AZURE, the world leader in cloud computing. MICROSOFT has teams and servers all over the world, organized to face this kind of crisis. The availability of the application will remain the same throughout this crisis.

The entire OKARGO Team is organized to work 100% from home. Especially the Customer Service Team, which has all the necessary resources to carry on integrating your rates in OKARGO.

What changes for us, the OKARGO Team?

All employees at OKARGO are used to part-time home-office. Thus, the shift to 100% home office went smoothly with no disruption of our activity.

Although most of us are in quarantine or our movements are heavily restricted, our teams are used to working from home and have very quickly organized to serve you with the same level of quality in this unprecedented environment.

I join all my colleagues of the OKARGO Team in wishing you all the best in making through this crisis. Take care of yourself and people around you. We remain available for any specific need for assistance this exceptional situation may create.



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