Expand your market knowledge with OKARGO Suggested Rates

Expand your market knowledge with OKARGO Suggested Rates

Once a forwarder sends his rate sheets to OKARGO they are uploaded in the on-line tool where he can select the best rate available with just a few clicks. Nevertheless, no one receives rate sheets from all carriers in the market and there is always a good chance the forwarder misses a good opportunity with a carrier he does not typically work with, whose rates are currently attractive. Similarly, an urgent enquiry might arrive from a client for a destination that the forwarder has never shipped to and he would like to quickly get a rough price picture in order give the client a cost estimation right away.

To expand the market knowledge of its clients, OKARGO has been offering Suggested Rates on request, indicative price levels based on mass data. In other words, together with the forwarder’s own “private” rates he sent for processing, the OKARGO tool also displays rough indicative price levels of other carriers from which the forwarder has no rates (provided there is enough mass data in the system). That way, the forwarder can quickly identify and approach a carrier with a convenient price range he was initially not aware of.


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