The Super Parser

The Super Parser

In today’s dynamically growing world of logistics, automation is the key when it comes to increasing efficiency of data processing. At OKARGO, we have been striving to keep abreast of such technology trends and appointed a dedicated team to develop a universal data processing tool that we call Super Parser. This tool automatically reads carriers’ rate sheets, processes tariffs and charges listed in the document and uploads them into our database. That allows us to expedite the upload process, reduce the error rate to a minimum and respond flexibly to specific requirements of our customers. All in all, SUPER PARSER makes OKARGO faster, more efficient and more competitive.

At the early stage of development, we focused on the most frequent rate sheets with stable and clear structures. We used these to build the main features such as converting port names, carriers, charges and all the other data into a standardized format. We also created algorithms to detect missing or unknown/incorrect entries as well as typos, and automatically add/adjust the data if possible. These features represent the basis for the further development.

We have been continuously developing the tool and implementing advanced features to be able to automatically process more complex rate sheets containing diverse data and to swiftly adapt to frequently changing formats.

SUPER PARSER has become an integral part of OKARGO, widely used by members of the OKARGO Customer Service Team, and given the growing emphasis on data automation and the efforts of the development team, it is set to play a major role in OKARGO’s data processing.


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