OKARGO has taken the outsourcing of rate management to the next level and already provides full-scale quotation desk outsourcing. In other words, not only does the Customer Service team process clients’ rate sheets and upload them into the OKARGO system, but, in addition, it also drafts regular quotations for specific enquiries received by OKARGO clients from shippers or agents using the OKARGO tool. That includes not only calculation of sea freight costs using the OKARGO web tool but also selection of the most suitable pre-/post-transport option etc. By outsourcing the entire quotation process for selected contracts to OKARGO, clients significantly increase their capacities and gain precious time for high priority projects. Nevertheless, clients aren’t the only ones who benefit from this arrangement. Being involved in the quotation process and living the “user experience” greatly helps the OKARGO team identify weaknesses and strengths of the system as well as opportunities for further development to match freight forwarders’ needs.


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