The Okargo method

The Okargo method

At Okargo, the entire development process relies on responding to your needs. Whether it’s the Customer Service team, the Business Development team or the Product team, we’re in constant contact with our customers in order to understand their needs and respond to them in the most suitable way. Based on an assessment of your requests, the Product Owner chooses new features to be developed and sends these to the Development Team. This team codes the new features, enhancements, bug fixes, etc., and updates Okargo with the last version of our tool. We then play close attention to your feedback in order to base our improvements on your user experience.


Our development cycles are very fast, one week long, and we meet every Monday to process new developments. This fast pace allows us to offer you a more efficient tool that is constantly being adapted in order to ensure customer satisfaction. In short, we want Okargo to be tool that is user-centred and user-driven!


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