Select the preferred carrier

Select the preferred carrier

Price is surely the key factor but there are times when you would like to work with a certain carrier e.g. for a specific origin/destination zone for various reasons, despite this carrier not being the most price convenient transport provider at the time. Moreover, you would like your colleagues to do the same. Instead of sending “memos” with instructions to your colleagues, a moderator (a “Primary User” appointed by the client) can now select preferred carriers in the moderator section of the OKARGO tool. He can choose preferred carriers for shipments to/from selected zones (e.g. one preferred carrier for exports to the Far East and another for imports from the same zone). In addition, you can also select “back-up” carriers, i.e. carriers to be used in case bookings with the preferred carrier(s) cannot be made e.g. due to fully booked capacity. Once these preferences are saved in the system, selected or back-up carriers are clearly marked with a graphical icon in the overview list of carriers generated by any company user, indicating “preferred” or “back-up” status of the carrier listed.


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