Find rates for multiple routes in a few clicks

Find rates for multiple routes in a few clicks

Do some of your clients enquire about rates for the same multiple routes on a regular basis (e.g. every month). Do you participate in tenders where costs for multiple routings need to be presented? Spare yourself the bother of having to enter the same POLs/PODs again and again and use the multiport feature, which will save you a great deal of time. Using this feature is very simple. You create a “basket” to which you then add various routings and carriers and save it in the system e.g. under the client’s name. The entire “basket” can then be downloaded as a comprehensive Excel file, to be used as a basis for the tender bid or the client’s quotation. Furthermore, the stored “selection” of routings and carriers can be opened and updated with current valid rates at any time in the future with just a few mouse clicks without having to make multiple queries again.


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