The rate integration

The rate integration

Since its establishment 4 years ago, OKARGO has been focusing on external management of sea freight rates, dealing with various sources of rates, ranging from simple e-mails to complex, multi-page pdf/Excel files.

Smooth and quick upload is a key and crucial factor our customers. We have thus successfully developed sophisticated tools that allow fully- or semi-automated data processing to keep the risk of discrepancies to a minimum. With the help of such tools we can process rates of various sorts. Standard dry rates, reefer, hazardous, as well as in-gauge special rates such as open-top, flat-rack, or tank container rates can be found in the online OKARGO tool.

Later implementation of Suggested Rates substantially increased the value added for our clients and made our tool a unique solution in the market.

In addition to a panoply of rate types and surcharges, ocean freight undergoes frequent changes as carriers emerge, merge or disappear. That, together with the absence of widely recognized unification standards that would allow easy processing and comparison, means that OKARGO constantly faces a continual influx of new, previously unseen rate sheets with brand new layouts and structure. Since the foundation of the company, our Customer Service team has processed rate sheets from over 100 carriers and NVOCCs, resulting in thousands of various rate sheet types.


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