Find route information for each rate

Find route information for each rate

As seasoned users are well aware, the OKARGO tool does not only display rates in a transparent and comprehensible manner but also shows basic route information such as number of transhipments and shipping time. A dedicated internal team continuously collects and updates such information in order to give customers a quick rough picture of how their cargo will reach its destination and how quickly. There are usually several routings for each POL/POD pair with various durations, which is why the system shows an “average” duration and the “fastest routing”. This data is mainly collected from carriers’ websites, as well as rate sheets provided by the clients. With some carriers, routing information is difficult to obtain since they do not post their sailing schedules, in which case an estimate is provided based on data from various sources such as websites of other carriers from the same ocean alliance etc. The accuracy of such information (data from the carrier vs. estimate) is then indicated by coloured icons (green for confirmed data, yellow for estimates).


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