A word from Alexandra

A word from Alexandra

Dear Readers,

OKARGO was originally founded as an external rate management specialist that processed and uploaded rates using our unique, in-house developed on-line platform.As we have established ourselves in major European markets, we have been closely communicating with our clients, determining other areas where they might achieve substantial savings with our assistance. Based on their feedback, we have successfully launched an outsourced quotation desk service.

A dedicated team of OKARGO quotation specialists draft quotations for our clients’ customers. This includes the entire process of selecting the best rate, as well as the ideal pre-/post-transport options, verification of cargo possibilities (reefer, dangerous cargo etc.), determining the most suitable arrival date and gathering further relevant information such as free time etc. OKARGO thus takes on a part of the client’s workload, allowing them to focus on their most important customers.

Furthermore, being involved in the quotation process and living the “user experience” greatly helps the OKARGO team identify strengths and weakness of the system as well as opportunities for further development to meet the needs of freight forwarders.


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