Following Emilie’s departure

Following Emilie’s departure

Dear readers,

As you know, Emilie left Okargo a few weeks ago to follow new horizons. Like you, we wish her happiness and fulfillment in her new adventures.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Marion, some of you already know me, and I’m taking over Emilie’s mission concerning the enhancement of our tool. I believe we will have plenty of opportunities to communicate as I will endeavor to improve to tool to match your needs. Feel free to share with me any ideas regarding features and improvements you’d like to see in Okargo. In addition, our Customer Service team will be happy to apprise you of the use of our tool and help you if needed.

I will do our best to make our collaboration as enjoyable and satisfying as the one you had with Emilie.

I wish you a great day as well as an enjoyable use of Okargo.

Best regards,